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Lux Body Care

Nailogic "Lux" Hand and Foot Care

Nailogic is proud to introduce the "Lux" Line of Hand and Foot Skin Care products.
Ginger Lemongrass scent, and just downright refreshing!
And good to your skin.

Lux Lotions, Scrub, Mask,Soak


Lux-Scrub Lemongrass Ginger Sugar Scrub

For use with manicures and pedicures or exfoliating in the shower.
A no residue exfoliating scrub which will not clog drains or whirlpool jets!
Does not dry or irritate skin. Use to sooth skin after shaving or waxing.

For best results massage a small amount to hands, feet, or skin areas to remove dead skin. Follow up with Lux-Mask for long lasting results.



Lux-Lotion Lemongrass Ginger Lotion

Lux-Lotion helps to repair dry, damaged skin with an infusion of vitamins, nutrients and essential oils. This lotion lasts for hours by supporting intense skin hydration.

Use during salon/spa services; manicures, pedicures, massage, or simply to moisturize affected skin areas.



Lux-Mask Lemongrass Ginger Lotion
This super-hydrating mask softens, rejuvenates, and brightens skin to a glowing and youthful appearance Lux-Mask is loaded with anti-oxidants and skin regenerating ingredients,.

Use Intense hydrating Lux-Mask antioxidant mask for manicures, pedicures and body care to repair skin damage and brightens your skin.


Smell, Feel, See the difference immediately! Easy Clean Removal.




Lux-Soak Lemongrass Ginger Lotion


Lux-Soak is a 3-in-1 solution for all your Spa Manicures and Spa Pedicure needs. Special technology makes Lux-Soak ideal for pedicure and manicure bowls, as well as pedicure spa jet tubs, non-foaming.

Sanitizes and softens water to help moisturize skin.
Smells fresh. Never leaves residue.
Paraben Free


Price: $6.95 to $96.00
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