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These are words coming from people who took the time to give Nailogic products a chance. Admittedly, because they are different than other enhancement products, Nailogic gels will require practice. The results of practice are identified in the testimonials.

Nail Instructor, Buffalo, N.Y.

I was introduced to Nailogic gel products at my school. Seeing the class, I was intrigued, so it purchased a starter kit.
Now, I wear Nailogic full time, I have no lifting! I really like the crystal clear shiny asppearance when finished. It is fast and the easiest to apply.
I urge all of my students to give Nailogic a try.

Nail Student, Charlotte, N.C.

An educator from Nailogic did an introductory class at the school I attended. I saw how easy this product was to use. I had to practice but after a while I found myself making very pretty nails easily.
My clients now really like that gel nails are much better for natural nails.
I think gels are much better than acrylics!

Nail Tech, Montana

I was a student right out of school. The owner of the salon where I now work found Nailogic on the internet, called, talked to someone at Nailogic, then purchased a "Professionals Kit".
I worked with their gels first, called to ask questions which they answered easily, and began making money!
I don't do traditional acrylics but for the clients who want acrylics I use Nailogic's light cured acrylics.
None of Nailogic gels products have an odor. The clients at the salon can't believe it!

Administrator, Cosmetology school, Illinios

We have Nailogic come to our schools to do hands on classes. The students get a much better learning experience, and go home with products and good basics to get them started.
For those students who want to learn nails, this class and product line is a the best way to get started.
Educators from hair products companies come to our school often, Nailogic is the only nails product company that does "education" in our schools!

Nail Tech, Ocala, Florida

I only use Nailogic acrylic gels because they have absolutely NO ODOR! And when you finish the nails they look just like a gel nail but are harder.
I find Nailogic light cured acrylic to be much easier to work with than traditional acrylics because they stay workable until you put them under the U.V Light.

Salon owner, Baltimore, Md.

We have four nail technicians in my salon. I was looking for an odorless product. I found Nailogic from the internet. An educator came to my salon and taught us the basics. The educator said it would require practice, it did, but now we are using only Nailogic gels and light cured acrylics on our clients.
Nailogic products give us everything we need to fulfill all our clients needs, right down to artwork!

Thank you Nailogic!

Administrator, Cos School, Seattle, Wa.

Thank you for coming to our academy.......presenting Nailogic to our students. Education classes like yours are as important to student education as the classroom and practical experience they obtain at the academy. Knowledge of opportunities and alternatives to what we teach only help our students adapt to the working world easier.
Nailogic is always professional, educational, and the students really enjoy the time you spend with us.
We look forward having you back soon!


Administrator, Beauty chool, Mobile, Al.

Thank you for your class at our academy. I heard one of the students describe your gels as "awesome"!

Come back to see us soon. 


Nail Tech, Anchorage, Ak.

They told me when I came to Alaska that gels don't work in Alaska! I had been using gels in Hawaii, and other states with no problem, and now that I am using Nailogic gels in Alaska I am making much, much more money than those people using acrylics!
When clients who used to where acrylics experience gels properly applied, they will not wllingly go back to old fashioned acrylics.

Light cured gels will work anywhere as long as you learn how to apply them properly.

Education Director, Chambersburg, Pa.

Thank you so much for the gel nail class. Your educator was wonderful in explaining techniques and very informative about your products.
Your educatyor was enjoyed very much. Hope to see your company back in the future.


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