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Do you wonder what liquid and powder gels are?

Now this is an interesting question.

BEWARE!!!, If you have been told you received gel nails, many salons are not giving you the real explanation. Many salons will apply a traditional acrylic nail, then put a thin coat of gel over the top, calling it a gel, charging a higher price....this is not a true gel nail!

Here is what you need to know!

1. Gel is a term applied to liquids which are thicker than water (Hair gels, body gels, tooth gels, etc.). 
2. All nail enhancement products are plastics. Acrylics, gels, liquid and powder gels, ABS tips, and tip glue all fall into a class of "acrylic technology products".
What changes is the chemistry and method of polymerization.

  • There are traditional acrylic nail products which air dry carrying chemicals and odors into the air you breathe.
  • There are gel nail products which are already a mixed liquid, are typically odorless, and only become hard when exposed to ultaviolet light or other activation process (water, spray activator. etc.).
  • There is a class of application products often referred to as "liquid and powder gels" which is neither of the above.

How do you tell whether you received a true gel nail?

  • If a liquid and a powder are mixed on a brush, has an odor and air dries, it is not a gel! This is a traditional acrylic with gel applied over the top to seal and shine, and charge more money.
  • If a Nail Liquid and a Nail Powder are mixed on a brush, but has little or no odor, and is immediately cured under a UV nail light, it is not a true gel, rather it is a UV activated nail liquidwith a specialized acrylic nail powder, it is a light cured acrylic! 
    Sometimes a true gel coating is applied over this product to provide a shine.
  • A true gel typically comes out of its container already a gel liquid (no mixing), and will only become hard when introduced to an ultraviolet light source.

Don' be fooled! Light cured acrylics and traditional air dry acrylics are very different. Nailogic UV Light Cured Gel Acrylics will look and feel just like a gel, will be stiff like a traditional acrylic, but does not reqwuire a drill to bbe filed!


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