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Educator/Salespeople Needed

We have opportunities for Educators in several states!

WE will train YOU!

Nailogic has a new education program.
It's called "HOW 2", or 
"Hands On Workshop 2",
"HOW 2" is a 2+ hour class in which cosmetology and nail technicians, and students in cosmetology and nail schools, receive step by step hands on application experience from a certified Nailogic educator.
That educator might be you!

As a certified Nailogic educator you could earn $150.00 or much more for 3-4 hours of work!

Nailogic needs aggressive, personable people with a strong desire to make more money. People who can create strong business relationships with their customers.

You will demonstrate and promote Nailogic gel nail products in salons and spas, odorless and professional acrylics, gels and gel polishes in cosmetology schools, and at trade shows.

This opportunity is not for everyone. You earn when you work -commensurate to the effort you put in.
You are self-employed.
It will require working days and some evenings, and will require at least  in-state travel. Wider territories upon proof of sales.
This could be a part time or full time gig.
Nailogic educators often earn $300 to $400 and more for days they do classes.

You will need a sound functioning vehicle, a computer, a phone with the ability to take credit cards, and a credit card for purchases for your business.

To become an educator for Nailogic you must be able to confidently demonstrate, on one nail, the application of;

  • a Nailogic gel overlay,
  • a Nailogic light cured acrylic overlay,
  • 10-2Go custom gel polish color,
  • Nailogic Odorless Acrylics, and
  • Acrylic IQ Professional Acrylic.

You must have knowledge of all facets of the nails industry.

Nailogic will train and certify you as an educator!

You must own Nailogic products in order to demonstrate. In addition there is a cost for class kits (students use Nailogic provided kits/products for some hands on classes).

It is very helpful for an educator sales person to have an example of each kit to show prospective buyers. Of course, you must own them as well.
       * Please understand, Xek, Inc., Nailogic cannot simply give you these things in order for you to do your business, we tried that! and people stole our stuff. It was just too much to attempt to retrieve products when someone decides not to be a sales person any longer, or never intended to sell at all! Voice of experience!

As a certified educator you could earn more than $150.00 for a 3 hour presentation! Do 2 or 3 presentations per day, 2 or 3 days per week, well..... you figure it out. Again, this opportunity is not for everyone, but for those selected this could be a great job or a nice addition to your base source of income.

We have an OUTSTANDING product!
Seeing is believing! See it, you will believe!
Help us show more people how it works.  With Nailogicís new "HOW 2" education program technicians and students have an opportunity to apply products to see how it works, and you have an opportunity to MAKE MORE MONEY!

If you are interested and want more info,
Rob the NailMan

Call for more information! 540-473-1593
ask for Rob The NailMan



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